From January 14th to February 14th 2020


Bodyscore - the soul signature
Monographic Bodyscore exhibition
Tokyo - Japan

Chanel-photo-exhibtion-(from-Nexus-official)-05-sito.jpg Chanel-photo-exhibtion-(from-Nexus-official)-03-sito.jpg

Morphogenesis (in English) is the set of laws that determine the form and shapes, from the living one (animals, trees) to the more abstract ones (music composition). This photo exhibition shows Jacopo Baboni Schilingi’s practice known as “Body scores”. He has been writing music scores on human bodies since 2007. At first, these were experiments, but they have since transformed into a new compositional practice. He writes works directly on bare human skin. The score is a codified link, written by hand, which indicates how to embody the emotions that the composer expresses through his creation. Then Baboni Schillingi takes pictures of them, because he wants people to be able to read all his emotional intentions. For Baboni Schilingi the photography of his “human” scores is the only way to make people see all the intentions that led him to write a particular piece of music.


January 24th 2020

Insana nocte - for harpe and live computer
Stéphanie Manzo - harpe
Le CRAC 109 - Montbéliard - France

Stéphanie-Insana.jpg Crac-119-ok.jpg


January 26th 2020

Spatio Intermisso (temporis) for saxophone & live-computer

Saxophone - Joël Versavaud
Nicolas Jacquot - live computer
Le Pic-Télémaque, Marseille, France

Jacquot-Marseille.jpg Spatio-intermisso-light.jpg


February 7th 2020


Interdisciplinary performance conceived by artist Kang Mu Xiang
New original music composition by Jacopo Baboni Schilingi
Dance and choreography by Ji Ling PeiJu Chien-Pott
Taipei 101 - Taiwan

Kang-JBS.jpg Kang-PeiJu-00.jpg

February 27th 2020 

CINERE - a part of Alias - Hommage au statut de la femme
Music - Jacopo Baboni Schilingi
Texte - Elsa Revcolevschi
Saison Numérique-2020 - France 

Scène Numérque - Montbéliard

 CINERE-sito.jpg CINERE-sito2.jpg

Cinere, performed by Elsa Revscolevsky alone on a stage, is embodied by two evanescent situations: Sarah Kane’s life and her works, Elsa’s life and her body. Through an intimate inner monologue by the two women, Cinere reveals the humanity of its actresses. The works by Sarah Kane, an English writer from the second half of the 20ieth century, highlight the neurosis and the lack of understanding from her contemporaries that plagued her life, through the inability to understand oneself, the call to transcend from desire into mysticism, in many different ways. Elsa Revscolevsky uses this project to seal an intimate deal with the author and with herself, turning her identity into a story spread all around the world of eternity and alterity. Elsa shares this stage with the specters of her personality, facing her own doubles shown in the video of the performance of the same show 7 years ago, every performance of the show being shot on video every 7 year for an undetermined amount of time.


From 16th to 22nd March 2020

Artistic residence Bodyscore
Alia Mroué - performer
Hamamet - Tunisia
 Hammamet-Alia-01-ok.jpg Hammamet-02.jpg

March 9th - 2020

Who's Laura Palmer

New composition for violin, cello, AirGo breathing system and live computer
Diego Tosi (violon), Timothé Tosi (violoncelle)
Festival Flashback – Perpignan - France

 Whois-Laura-Palmer-sito3.jpg Whois-Laura-Palmer-sito2.jpg

July 4th - 2020

Rebirth performance

Interdisciplinary performance conceived by artist Kang Mu Xiang
New original music composition by Jacopo Baboni Schilingi
Dance and choreography by Ji Ling PeiJu Chien-Pott
Taipei 101 - Taiwan

Kang-pei-01.jpg  Kang-JBS.jpg

July 11th - 2020

Isolated Iseland

Dance and choreography - PeiJu Chien-Pott
Music - Jacopo Baboni Schilingi
Iron Rose Festival - Opening nigh - Taoyuan - Taiwan

Isolated-00.jpg Isolated-02.jpg

Working on two monographic CDs :

with Véronique Ngo Sach Hien all piano compositions - date to be definbed
with Leonis string quartet all string quartets and live computer - date to be definbed

Working on MATERIA with Maya Maximovitch - date to be definbed - Paris - France

Working on a trilogy for music, theatre and live computer - Carnations - Trilogie du corps - date to be definbed - FRANCE

 Working on a video dance with PeiJu Chien-Pott [dancer] and Thomas Concordia [photographer] - New York - USA

Working on a new composiiton for harpsichord and live computer for Luca Quintavalle - date to be defined - ITALY

Working on a Sonata for piano and live computer for Simon Ghraichy - date to be defined - Paris - FRANCE

Working on a new composition for cello and live computer for Camille Thomas - date to be defined - Paris - FRANCE

Working on a serie of live streaming preformances with PeiJu Chien-Pott - date to be definbed - New York - USA