ARKHETUPON Evolutions, forms and founding principles of archetypes


Arkhetupon is a cross-disciplinary research project on the concept of archetype. Its objective is to revisit the concept's historical, technical and epistemological principles.

Resting on the uneasy premise of the word “archetype” not holding the same meaning or implication according to the identifying discipline or field of use. From this premise emerges the need to redefine evolutions, forms and founding principles of the concept of archetype, as well as the possibility of discovering new perspectives. This project originates from one major question that can be formulated in two stages: What are the underlying notions and the fundamental (founding) principles of the archetype concept? Can the concept of archetype be changed and optimized to a new definition through a research work and a collective debate?

The Arkhetupon project consists of three stages: a set of interviews that will be recorded and uploaded online on a dedicated website ; an international conference with papers, presentations and round-table discussions, with eventually the publication of conference proceedings ; a theoretical book written by the future scientific committee members, forming a research report to the whole of conclusions and advances resulting from this collaborative work.

Project by Jacopo Baboni-Schilingi, coordinated by Arthur Perini and Samuel Lamontagne

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Entretien avec Jacopo Baboni Schilingi, compositeur et concepteur du projet Arkhetupon.

Entretien avec Martin Laliberté, compositeur et chercheur

Entretien avec Fabien Vallos, philosophe

Entretien avec Bernard Stiegler, philosophe et directeur de l'IRI.

Entretien avec Jean Petitot, philosophe et mathématicien français.

Entretien avec Sylvie Pouteau, chercheure en biologie et éthique des plantes.

Entretien avec Gérard Pommier, psychanalyste